Lever Lifting Belt

⭐️⭐️Lever Lifting Belt⭐️⭐️

A high quality lifting belt is essential if you want to maximise your performance during heavy lifting. Squat, deadlift and overhead movements are where you will feel the most benefit if used correctly.

The lifting belt is used to increase inter-abdominal pressure which stabilises the entire core not only providing protection for the lifter but also resutling in a stronger trunk and increase in performance.

Our belts are made from genuine leather and will remain stable for years to come. The 13mm thickness and 10cm width coincides with the maximum belt dimensions used in many powerlfitng and strongman competitions. This means you have the maximum allowable support if you decide to compete.

To use our belts correctly and maximise performance, the lifter should use the valsalva manuveur. This basically means that you take a big breath of air before initiating a lift and force your stomach and abdominal muscles outwards against the belt. You will feel that extra stability instantly around your core.